7 Ingredients for a Happy Life


1. Decide to let go of worry and “what ifs”

2. Work on developing your self-confidence

3. Forgive yourself, and others, and let go of grievances

4. Be open and warm in your relationships

5. Don’t compare yourself with other people

6. Define own success

7. Be optimistic, and keep on persevering.

Ppl are literally all about self.

It’s either their way or the highway. You’re not allowed to disagree. You’re not allowed to object. You just have to sit there and let ppl pick you up when they want and leave you alone when they want. And you’re just supposed to be okay with it. Don’t have feelings. Don’t speak your mind. Just sit there. And let them use you. Bc if you don’t. If you have an opinion. If your feelings are hurt. If you have something you want to express. They’ll use it against you. Make you feel bad. Tell you how you’re using them. Tell you how you should feel. Make it seem like they give a fuck when they don’t. They’ll literally tell you how you hurt them when they’re the ones with the knife.


today I saw a preteen girl pick up Mean Girls at Target and ask her friend what it was. She didn’t even know. She said it sounded dumb. The people are forgetting. The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.